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You may have come across this issue in your Intranet. Let’s say you create your Intranet with several Sub-Sites and utilize the Managed Metadata Navigation to manage the Top Link Bar. This Managed Metadata Navigation is inherited across and down through all of the Sub-Sites.


Now, when you click on the ‘Add a Page’ from the “Find it at: <URL>” displays the wrong address or at most the <Root> of the Site Collection.


What you want to happen in a Publishing site, is to have the New Pages Added, added to the Pages library of the site or Sub-Site you are creating it from.


Uncheck the “Create friendly URLs for new pages automatically” in the Navigation Settings of the Site or Sub-Site should resolve this issue.





If you have the Publishing Infrastructure and Publishing Feature enabled on a Team Site, it will default to “/SitePages”. This is because by default the “Wiki Page Home Page” Site feature is enabled by default when a Team Site is provisioned. Simply Disable this feature and your New Pages will be added to the “/Pages” Library.

Happy SharePointing!

Posted December 16, 2016 by Bismarck in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016

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